31st Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting
31st Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting

31st Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting

8-9 December 2021

The Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting (QMB) is meeting in person this year again. We are all looking forward to hear about the latest research from you, and have put together an exciting number of sessions. You are invited to submit an Abstract for an oral presentation or a poster. The list of sessions and organising chairs is below:

  • Molecular biology and genomics of climate change (Chaired by Associate Professors Maren Wellenreuther & Björn Oback)
  • Māori, genomics, and Indigenous data sovereignty (Chaired by Drs Alana Alexander and Linley Jesson)
  • Big data, data integration and metaomics: from phenotype to genotype (Chaired by Dr Heidi Dungey)
  • 3rd generation sequencing - a new era for molecular biology (Chaired by Dr Donia Macartney-Coxson)
  • The art and value of presenting molecular biology to the public (Chaired by Associate Professor Ceridwen Fraser)
  • Environmental DNA/RNA monitoring to inform ecosystem management and conservation (Chaired by Associate Professor Xavier Pochon)
  • Host biology in light of the microbiome: advances towards understanding the hologenome (Chaired by Drs Amali Thrimawithana & Manpreet Dhami)



Key Dates:
Monday 19 July, 2021
QRW Earlybird Registration Deadline
Thursday 1 July, 2021
QRW Abstract Submission Deadline
Monday 19 July, 2021
AWCBR Early Bird Registration. NOTE: Abstract Submission Deadline 30th May.
Friday 16 July, 2021
Major Awards Application Deadline
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