QRW Past Plenary Lectures
QRW Past Plenary Lectures

QRW Past Plenary Lectures

We have been honoured to have a number of global science leaders present the main plenary lecture at Queenstown Research Week

2005 Professor Sydney Brenner            (Nobel Prize winner)
2006 Professor Tim Hunt                        (Nobel Prize winner)
2007 Professor John Walker                   (Nobel Prize winner)
2008 Professor Kary Mullis                     (Nobel Prize winner)
2009 Professor Martin Evans                  (Nobel Prize winner)
2010 Professor Aaron Ciechenover        (Nobel Prize winner)
2011 Professor Barry Marshall                (Nobel Prize winner)
2012 Professor Peter Dohery                  (Nobel Prize winner)
2013 Professor Susumu Tonegawa         (Nobel Prize winner)
2016 Professor John Gurdon                   (Nobel Prize winner)
2017 Professor Bruce Beutler                  (Nobel Prize winner)
2018 Professor Elizabeth Blackburn        (Nobel Prize winner)
2019 Professor Joan Steitz                      (Lasker award winner)
2023 Professor David Julius                    (Nobel Prize winner)

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